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02-03-16, 02:33
Just like my brother, this one is late.


Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (45:48)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:48:15)
The British IBM - Sugar Water - (1:50:01)
CGE 2014 Intellivision Panel - (1:53:25)
Top Ten Multiplayer Console/Computer Games - (3:07:11)
Gaming Trivia - (4:59:53)
Live News And Listener Views - (5:01:32)
Electric Dragon: Ultraviolet - (7:38:19)
URLs And EMails - (7:45:35)

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02-03-16, 08:17
Thanks for the new show. Listening now, not too far in, but wanted to say thanks for the transparency about the coleco chameleon situation.

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02-03-16, 07:07
(talking about Double Dragon in the top 10 discussion)

Scott: That whole side-scroll beat'em up thing never really did anything for me. I'm not really passio---

Sparklepuss: Wait a minute, you voted Golden Axe number 1!

Nearly spit out my drink after that part.

Also, really sorry Mike. Wish you the best during these sad times.

02-03-16, 11:19
That's why I was honoured to get the opportunity to be part of the top ten

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22-03-16, 07:56
Live news: I am one of those snes mini fans. Good console, and is my main runner. I also use a mini nes as my main nes, for the huge benefits it offers such as no lockout chip and no bent pins from usage.

And UK Math is simple. UK pick = round up. Non UK pick = round down. (Just joking, I promise!)

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