View Full Version : RoundUp 097 - Shockingly Modern

01-02-16, 01:21
Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (48:19)
Guinness Gaming Records - (1:40:34)
Craig Turner Interview - (1:43:50)
Motorhead: Ace Of Spades - (2:41:24)
Top Ten Music Based Games - (2:48:34)
Gaming Trivia - (5:07:32)
Matt Brown Interview - (5:07:59)
David Bowie: Remix - (6:09:47)
The Outhole - (6:15:17)
Live News And Listener Views - (6:32:48)
URLs And EMails - (8:40:27)

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01-02-16, 09:01
Havent had the chance to listen yet, but much appreciation for the Motorhead and David Bowie sections.

02-02-16, 06:11
Almost 9 friggin hours? Really?
*Deep breath*.... going in... wish me luck!

Piff Merkin
02-02-16, 06:33
Does this set the record for the longest RGR ever?!:HOURS: The more the better, I say!

02-02-16, 06:39
Almost 9 friggin hours? Really?
*Deep breath*.... going in... wish me luck!

Yeah, seriously impressive time management going on there! :)

Gordon Bennett
03-02-16, 09:56
I'm listening now, and it's off to a splendid start. You can't go wrong as far as I'm concerned with STUN Runner. Incidentally, while I agree with Scott that the arcade is the only truly proper way to play it I would recommend giving the Lynx port a try. It's a superb conversion that is far, far better than I would have expected given the hardware it's running on.

By the way, with the themes of music and the recently and tragically departed, was there time to fit in some of Terry Wogan's finest sardonic Eurovision commentary?

Piff Merkin
03-02-16, 07:04
Now, I am definitely going to pick up Stun Runner for the Lynx, I played it and it is fun I looked online at the arcade Stun Runner and was blown away! Great graphics! How did I miss this one when it came out?

04-02-16, 05:08
Stun Runner on the Lynx is, literally, stunning. I could have picked up the arcade game a year or 2 ago at a great price but passed on it, takes up too much space :(

Gordon Bennett
18-02-16, 12:09
I, for one, was very very confused while listening to this month's VAT discussion until I realised that you were talking about clothing made from *fur*skins.