View Full Version : The witness (also ps4)

30-01-16, 10:22
Has anyone been playing the witness, it's a bit like a modern myst
The puzzles (I feel) are really well realised in the way that they incrementally introduce new rulesets to what appears on the surface to be the same type of puzzle, and then it combines the rules in layers to add complexity

So far I've ended up using photoshop to solve some puzzles, and this evening I'm having to resort to cutting out pieces of paper to help me work some of them out http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160130/d05dd27dae991af8543d59fb2e474d29.jpg

04-02-16, 05:52
There's rumors of it coming out as a physical release. If this happens, that will be how I buy it. At it's current price ($40 in the US), it's double my cutoff point.

I have very simple rules when it comes to buying digital
-It has to be a digital exclusive in all regions. If there's a physical copy in the EU and Japan, but digital only in the US, I'll import a physical copy.
-It has to be under $20

04-02-16, 07:13
Just heard about it today and it looks like something I may like. But $40 is a bit much though.

04-02-16, 05:06
Yeah its way too costly at this price. I also read that it can feel ultimately a little 'pointless' as you get further into the game and that, if you miss some of the easier puzzles, you can come undone a little when you hit the harder ones. I think for me it may be a little frustrating.