View Full Version : RoundUp 095 - You Asked For A Miracle

30-12-15, 05:11
Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Guinness Gaming Records - (24:01)
Firework Sargon - (27:06)
Steve Lycett Interview - (31:53)
Top Ten Movie Based Games - (1:22:34)
Gaming Trivia - (3:36:05)
Karma 64: BMX Kids High Score - (3:37:42)
The Outhole - (3:40:45)
Live News And Listener Views - (3:59:11)
Christmas Wrap 2 - (5:18:37)
URLs And EMails - (5:24:58)

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30-12-15, 05:58
And you give us the FBI? :)

30-12-15, 08:08
The F. B . I.

30-12-15, 10:53
The Outhole sounds like it could be a new segment?

31-12-15, 03:35
The Outhole might need to be every month with the amount of Pinball news going on. As you said somewhat of a resurgence is going on.
More on Spooky pinball, they have just been approached by Domino pizzas to do a build for them and are taking orders for private buyers also. Great story behind spooky is they are from a small town of about a population of 900 or so, their pinball business is going so well that they need a bigger factory. Their town sold them the land for $1 I believe so as to create more employment. Love that.
By next podcast Dutch pinball should of released their Pin The Big Lebowski.
Rumor has it the next Stern pin could be Ghostbusters their has been a leak of its translite on Pinside.
Another new pinbuilder should have their new Pin out soon also. Thunderbirds are Go! built by Aussie manufacturer Homepin based in China, every part is being built in house from scratch.

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