View Full Version : Star Wars battlefield

26-12-15, 12:04
I hear it is great, I hear it blows, what do our trusted listeners think?

26-12-15, 02:34
I kind of like it actually

26-12-15, 03:06
I'm waiting for the DVD release. :)

Oh wait...the game.....don't really play Star Wars games. :)

26-12-15, 08:53
From an outside view it looks like it does a lot of cool things for a star wars fan, e.g. The animations when stormtroopers are shot are lovingly recreated from the films, graphically it's pretty good (on pc there's a photo realistic mod too)

The general concern seems to be that it's fairly light on content/variety, but, from my perspective that looks like sure, if you're looking for a shooter that you can play 4 hours every evening it's going to come up short, but if you just want to dip in for a couple of hours once a week or fortnight it looks to be the kind of game that won't punish you for not being "teh 1337". You can just drop in, have some fun with some blasters, or as a jedi, or suicide bombing tie fighters

30-12-15, 10:53
It just seemed awkward to me. I played it at my neighbors house. Keep in mind i was nearing room flipping realms of drunk but i got the idea. I hate to frame it this way but it really seems to be Star Wars shoe horned onto a Battlefield game then made 3rd person but with a first person option. I would just play BF instead.