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04-12-15, 09:00
As friends on here may know, I bought a house I have been remodeling slowly (and I never want to re-do a bathroom ever ever again!) plus had a job that required a 70 hour workweek. Well, the remodel is slowing down (though there is still more to be done) and I got let go from the crazy hour job and went to a slower workweek, so now I can finally begin catching up.

Anyhow, any recommendations on where to start? Any standout episodes I should do before others.?

04-12-15, 02:07
Roundup 77 is a special with some Vegas antics and the infamous Hooker phone call
Roundup 79 is the also infamous Surf Dogs fiasco
Roundup 84 has 2 2600 developers discussing us bashing their games
Roundup 86 is fun as Scott is in the UK
Roundup 90 has a great segment recorded at the Computing History Museum in Cambridge
Roundup 91 has somebody selling snake oil and contains a lot of things we refer back to
Roundup 93 has me on the radio and me at Scott's Arcade Party
Roundup 94 has the debut of our new Top Ten host

05-12-15, 06:24
Gotcha. Ill load them up. Congrats on the new host, and good luck to Mike on his business venture. I'm a lil concerned about the retro vgs but hope all the kinks get worked out.

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07-12-15, 08:33
Loving 86 so far. Good stuff.