View Full Version : RoundUp 087 - The Thick Plottens

03-06-15, 12:11
Yep, it's late!

Water, laptop, bad bad bad.

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (42:21)
Guinness Gaming Records - (68:45)
Machinae Supremacy: Death From Above - (70:41)
Jim Bagley Interview - (74:13)
Top Ten Point n Click Adventures - (143:08)
Gaming Trivia - (246:43)
the British IBM: Sugar Water - (247:11)
Live News And Listener Views - (250:23)
URLs And EMails - (327:47)

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05-06-15, 03:58
Thank you, Scott, for addressing the coming issue of parts availability. This is something that's going to hit our hobby very hard. In my job we see this quite a bit already. See that Sega Chihiro or Naomi game running 18 hours a day at your laundromat? Chances are a few Dreamcasts have been sacrificed for GDROM drives so that thing can keep running. (Yes I know there's a CF kit, but my parts guy is cheap, that's beside the point). Good CRT monitors are already getting scarce on our route. Takes a lot more dialing-in than it used to, even after cap kits. CRT's just go bad, and rejuvenators don't always work. Anyway, thanks again for covering this. Off to save this U5000 neckboard for the 8th time.

05-06-15, 01:41
It is, and it is coming sooner than we all expect. For operators, like you said, the question is earnings and expenses. If a game is worth an $8 cap kit or a $12 flyback and some labor expense then it gets fixed, that equation changes when the question is the game worth a $400 CGA compatible LCD (that is what Betson sells them for!) or does it get hauled off to the next auction, or scraped.

21-06-15, 02:52
Also I really enjoyed the Point and Click adventure Top 10. I've played most of these, and for some reason Myst came out of left field for me. It most definitely fits the description, so good on you guys. Played through about 25 minutes of it with a walk through once then I realized it's just not my thing. There's a couple I would add mention: Mean Streets (Tex Murphy series) and Sierra's Codename: ICEMAN. Mean Streets had regular text interaction, as well as side scrolling 2D shooting element, similar to Rolling Thunder. It also had a flight element, when you needed to fly your future space car or whatever to a location. The PC version also had "RealSound" or something like that where it would play really really grainy PCM sound through the PC speaker. I had a PC/XT clone at the time, and it was pretty amazing to hear the voice sound come through that tiny speaker. I think the company (Access Software) had other games with that sound engine but this is the only one I had.

Codename: ICEMAN was pretty late for the Sierra adventures, had a little of everything. In the movie version your character would be played by Steven Segal or something, to give you an idea of the story. Secret agent military type shit. But it had support for like 8 completely incompatible sound boards (pc version, again), and it had pretty good graphics. Once you got into the game your character would pilot a submarine, among other things. The game came with some pamphlets containing maps and such that would be required for you to figure out where you were and such to properly navigate the sub. I never did get that far, but it was a cool game.