View Full Version : Dyna Gear

02-06-15, 03:52
It looks like it has been a while since anything was posted here. I found Dyna Gear recently on my mame cab. I found it to be quite a fun side scrolling fighter.


02-06-15, 05:13
I will have to give thata go mate, i recently 'for the first time ever' played a Rastan game in mame, it was incredible, it reminded me of a game on the Amiga which i love called 'The Plague' - Now i have a Mame set up i can play a bunch of games i didn't have chance to before.

I will let you know how i get on with Dyna Gear mate. :)

08-06-15, 04:25
I remember Rastan from the arcades. It was a cool game and I think it holds up quite well as a fun game. I still break it out every now and then on the mame cab.