View Full Version : RoundUp 083 - Short, Thin, Not Much Substance

31-01-15, 07:00
The first show of a New Year comes upon us.
It also marks the end of our fifth year. YAY US!

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Dinosaur Pie - (46:37)
Guinness Gaming Records - (68:39)
Nurmix: Intellivisionaries Theme - (71:59)
Andy Walker Interview - (73:43)
Top Ten Sega CD Games - (126:41)
Gaming Trivia - (241:16)
Marcel Donne: Rambo High Score - (243:13)
Amiga Minute - (246:04)
*NOT* Live News And Listener Views - (270:38)
URLs And EMails - (331:47)

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03-02-15, 08:16
Just a slight correction, Duke Nukem Forever finally did release in 2011.

Chuck D. Head
04-02-15, 07:16
Just a slight correction, Duke Nukem Forever finally did release in 2011.

Absolutely! I saw a hummvee in Vegas a month or so before release of the game with a full wrap job advertising the game. In one window was a callout with the release date and the words "no, seriously".

06-02-15, 09:49
Just a slight correction, Duke Nukem Forever finally did release in 2011.

I don't recall us mentioning it in the show. Where did we do that?

I know it's out because I have it. I'm pretty sure Scott does too.

Chuck D. Head
06-02-15, 05:34
UK, I think it was a Guinness Gaming Records clip that had been run before, having to do with the vaporware awards.

11-02-15, 01:20
I finally got to the end of the show and really enjoyed it. It's great to hear SoCal on the Top Ten too. Uk Mike did a great job of recovering from the loss of Live News and i can't agree more with him that you get so much more from the show and the community when you do attend, even if it;s just to pop in and say hello and let everyone know how you are.

Scott i really enjoyed your amiga segment mate, if im right the intro music is from Blood Money and it was awesome to hear you shout out 'Blood Money and another game i adore on the Amiga 1200 called Scorched Tanks! Great segment mate and the delivery/quality was great too, i honestly think it fits in very well with the other conent. :)

Great episode guys.

13-02-15, 08:46
I enjoyed Simon's segment as always, but he may be missing the point just a bit. I can't speak for everyone who likes old games, of course, but it's not really a nostalgia thing for me -- I associate '70s and '80s games with the present quite strongly, or perhaps the not-very-distant past, as I've kept playing them throughout the years and I keep discovering new favorites. It's a current enjoyment, rather than some pathetic wallowing in the past.

I'd love to get excited about some new game(s), believe me. Create something that's not derivative of something else, try to interject some originality, and don't make me play it on a glorified phone or an $800 console, and I'll be delighted to give it a chance.

They're video games. Anything can happen! Design something fresh that actually takes advantage of the new technology, rather than merely dressing up old forms like the game equivalent of top-ten radio. Make me deal with a new physical reality that requires me to readjust my senses and spatial thinking, rather than just repeating the same old platform games, road races and shoot-'em-ups. It's not about the age of the games; it's about the creative risks that were taken on a constant basis back then. Game programmers were pioneers at the time, like many Beatles of electronic entertainment, but there's no reason to stop inventing the industry and assume the defeatist posture of "It's all been done before" just because we're a few decades in.

The dearth of originality is what really keeps me away from modern games, not some insistence on sticking with the past.


18-02-15, 02:12
Kojima was in charge of "Snatcher" so you shouldn't be TOO weirded out about there being a Metal Gear in there.
I agree that you solved the re-recording of the news smoothly.

I am sad to say that I actually had made a 80% complete copy of the chat log during the live news but did not save it because I thought you would have the complete listing online later. I see now that the chat log page is empty...

22-02-15, 05:26
UK, I think it was a Guinness Gaming Records clip that had been run before, having to do with the vaporware awards.

Aah, gotcha.

A naming issue meant that some of the Guinness and Trivia items have run twice.

23-02-15, 01:45
Classic shout out during Scott's Mag Fest wrap up. "I'm not really much the type for raves. In fact I'd guess that there isn't much over lap between the retro community and a rave. You know, I guess maybe teknohed..."

23-02-15, 02:06
I gotta say I really liked simon's Dinasaur Pie segment in this one. This is a feeling that I have had myself. One thing I find in the retro community is that there does seem to be a bit of blinders for things outside of whatever you consider to be retro, or your personal interests. I mean I'm guilty of this myself. One thing I find about gen-x retro game fans in the US is that they all seem to be Nintendo obsessed. I mean I get it, those are great games and systems, but there is more to life than mario brothers. For me retro gaming is sort of a holistic interest. l like the hardware almost as much as the games. I like the ephemera and merchandise and listening to the stories of the developers. The only critique i have of modern "retro-influenced" games is that there are just too many puzzle platformers. I love 8 and 16 bit art styles, but I'm just kind of tired of the platformer genre. Still this was a thought provoking listen on my way into the office.