View Full Version : Arcade Xmas Party, Dec 13th in N. VA

18-11-14, 06:31
Some new additions since last party, T4 Salvation, Black Knight 2000, Zaxxon and a few odds and ends.


20-11-14, 12:20
Right at the start of black out dates at my work (I HATE being retail). The next day is the blackout, and I think the system would automatically deny me because my shift goes into the next day.

Hopefully I can get down there for the next one.

20-11-14, 04:01
Still up in the air if I will be able to make this one. I have lots of traveling to do over the next few weeks all over the country and may not want to make the 8 hour round trip up there this time :) That could change though, you never know when Willie! may show up!

22-11-14, 04:09
I decided to get the video jukebox project done for the party. I am pulling video cable throughout the arcade this week and have ordered a VGA distribution amp, cable parts, and a bunch of monitors. I am going to put 8~12 of these all over the arcade and run music videos, concert clips, retro game commercials, and such over a media player. I had to get rid of my juke due to space issues (needed room for T4) and I figure this will be a sweet replacement.

IF YOU HAVE ANY 70's-80's music videos and/or retro gaming stuff (adverts, etc) would you be a pal and bring them to the party?