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13-11-14, 09:54
STR 67: The Rise of Sega. (http://greatbitblog.com/stalkingtheretro/podcasts/str67.mp3)
In this episode our new co-host Mike Kennedy aka Socal Mike joins us as we talk about the rise of the great Sega. We talk about Sega history, games we have been playing, our recent pickups, and much much more. This episode has two Retro Stalking segments. One with Mike at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and one with Septic Lemon at a car boot sale. We also talk about the latest retro news and Mike reveals some awesome new projects he's currently working on. So why not grab yourself a cold can of beer and listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro!

15-11-14, 07:34
News links for the episode:

ET Landfill Carts Hit Ebay. Some Expensive Garbage.

In the box for 500$

Zelda Link to the Past Audio + FMV hack.

PSIO, the SD card reader for PlayStation is coming out soon!

RGB Scart output on PC-Engine and TurboGrafx 16 without internal modding through the GrafxBooster TTP. http://www.db-elec.com/home/News/dbgrafxboosterttptestedandfullyoperational

Demon’s Crest Released on the WiiU virtual console in the US.

All the variations of Sonic and Knuckles now on a single ROM called Sonic 3 Complete.

LucasArts(Film) is now avalible on GOG.com

How Sonic Helped Sega to Win the Early 90s Console Wars

Luigi’s Mansion gets a sit down cockpit arcade game in Japan.

Pilot episode of Nick Arcade shows off Sonic 1 Prototype will rolling ball in level.

Duck Hunt is finally coming out for VC on WiiU.

Zelda: Majora’s Mask to be remade on the 3DS.

The return of Retronauts through Patreon.

Sinistar meets M.U.L.E. in a new retro inspired multiplayer shooter

23-11-14, 04:55
I think SoCal Mike needs to steal his game back from Willie. Then Willie's original sob story will be partially true. :WINK:

25-11-14, 09:17
Most probably know this already, but Console Wars is another great book on Sega, focusing on the 16 bit era with Tom Kalinske's time at Sega of America. I realized in that book that Donkey Kong Country extended the life of the SNES and gave Nintendo the time they needed to finish development of the N64.

25-11-14, 02:28
I think SoCal Mike needs to steal his game back from Willie. Then Willie's original sob story will be partially true. :WINK:

hee hee hee, Willie is a bad bad boy.......