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31-10-14, 02:37
STR 66: Hot Curry In My Lap (http://greatbitblog.com/stalkingtheretro/podcasts/str66.mp3)

In this episode we totally rip off Retro Gaming Roundup (We love you guys!) by doing our own Top Ten. We decide and vote on what are the top ten games to get hammered to. We talk about our gaming pickups and games we have been playing lately and introduce a new segment called Retro Stalking. In the segment Socal Mike talks to Willie whilst at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo as he searches for some retro goodies. We have the audio from the Jay Smith Panel at CGE 2014 (Thanks Willie! )and we round up the top retro news stories for the month and much much more!

So grab yourself a nice glass of whiskey and join us as we get hammered and play retro video games.

Top ten games to get hammered to:

Indie: Mule (C64), Major league Baseball (NES), Smithereens (Odyssey 2) Fishing Derby (Atari VCS) Honorable mentions: Combat Atari VCS Artillary Duel (ColecoVison)

Willie: Golden Axe (Sega Genesis), Mr Do (ColecoVision), Mario Clash (Virtual Boy), Tempest 3000 (Nuon) Honorable Mention: Play With My Willie (Super Master Bate-Boy)

Ian: Crystal Quest (Mac), Unicycle (Mac), Super Smash Bros (N64), Warlords (2600).

What are your favorite games to get hammered to? Please discuss here.

31-10-14, 03:05
Bastards! I picked Tempest 3000 which the guys consider not retro as it is a dvd player, damn I should have picked tempest 2000 :)

Who do you think each of us represent in our top 10? Here is what I think.

Ian - UK Mike
Indieseoul - Scott
Willie! - Socal

03-11-14, 06:36
Almost forgot the links for this episode:

Dragon Quest 2 on Android and iOS
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dq2_ gp&hl=en

Life of Pixel

Wings: Remastered Edition https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/850516062/wings-remastered-edition

Tetris Movie

Tetris Battle Fusion on Ouya

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition: http://www.gog.com/game/gabriel_knight_sins_of_the_fathers_20th_anniversar y_edition_preorder

Man owns every DreamCast game

Star Wars Arcade (Battle Pod)

Every title screen ever?

Secrets about the GameCube (not retro)

Gog Galaxy Beta testing with Aliens VS Predator Classic 2000
They also have been adding more gaming related movies.

New Odyssey 2 homebrew. Based on the rare and controversial arcade game Death Race.

GameBoy Book “The Story of the Gameboy in Pixels”

Unreleased Sega Mega Drive Port Of ‘Bill’s Tomato Game’ ROM Released


04-11-14, 06:18
I'm enjoying this episode, the top ten is working very well - I was laughing on my bus ride home from training (work) - Although when Focus agreed to put Golden Axe in at 10 i spoke out loud on the bus but didn't mean too - I said "He must have been smoking a crack pipe" -A few people on the bus laughed nervously...

I have the second half to listen to tomorrow on my second day of training. It's also nice to hear SoCal on his swap meet missions. :)

04-11-14, 10:01
I just would like to say that i often eat curry from my lap, and have never ended up with it spilt(spilled?) everywhere
Although i do eat most meals from a bowl, and with just a spoon

05-11-14, 02:06
I just would like to say that i often eat curry from my lap, and have never ended up with it spilt(spilled?) everywhere
Although i do eat most meals from a bowl, and with just a spoon

Nice! I couldn't imagine Septic eating from a bowl. It's just not posh enough. LOL

Glad you are enjoying the episode Vipp. We will have more from the PRGE Socal game hunting expedition in the next several episodes. Willie recorded almost two hours of it. Then we will be hearing from myself at the Korean retro gaming market, Willie with some flea market action and if Septic can remember his Dictaphone some nice car boot action. We will probably not do the top ten again. It was just a fun little homage to RGR. We do have some unique and interesting segments we are all working on for the upcoming shows that should be pretty awesome.

05-11-14, 06:42
Sweet. I enjoy the segments with SoCal a lot so thats nice to look forward to, i can't wait to hear what Septic says to spmeone trying to sell and over priced console at a carboot. HAHA!

07-11-14, 08:33
Can someone please explain to me the UK's love affair with curry?

08-11-14, 07:01
Can someone please explain to me the UK's love affair with curry?

I think it's something Brits do because they tend not to eat it too much. having said that Septic likes curry a lot more than the average Brit i think. and he is half American right? CONSPIRACY!

08-11-14, 07:04
The Septic Lemon Curry Conspiracy...

Yeah. That has a nice ring to it. Might make a decent band name as well.

09-11-14, 01:09
The most eaten meal in the UK is Chicken Tikka Massala. An Indian inspired dish invented in the UK.