View Full Version : Episode 14 is up! A treat for Halloween.

28-10-14, 03:37
Halloween tricks and treats abound in this spin-chilling episode. Imagic’s Dracula gets a deep dive review. Listener interview with Jeff Long. Homebrew Highlight (Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril), Intelli-Virgins (BurgerTime). Feedback, News, Mentions Of Significance, George, chainsaws and more (wait… chainsaws?)

29-10-14, 10:17
Thanks Burgertime, I listened to the episode yesterday and really enjoyed it. Something that cropped up is top ten's - do you think you will ever do a 'special' episode or dedicate any time to actually putting together a top ten each? i'd like to know what you guys think would make it in your top tens.

29-10-14, 11:34
Hey Vipp!

My problem with picking a top 10 is that there are still so many games (probably some real gems) that I haven't given a real shot of playing yet. E.g. if I had picked a top 10 games a year ago, I wouldn't have included Beauty and the Beast just because I hadn't played it much. But I think I'd have to put it into my top 10 at this point.

I don't know what gem we might uncover 4 months from now! :) I guess we could start a running list of games we think would have to be top 10 games, knowing that it might be changing over the course of doing the podcast as we dig deeper into each of the games in the library.

29-10-14, 07:56
It might be a nice 'Last Episode' maybe? haha we might all wait a while but i understand what you're saying.

31-10-14, 07:14
To be honest I haven't even made an actual top 10 for any system. Even the Intellivision. Maybe I'll take a long look at the library and see what I initially have to list. Once I've played more titles, the list could change.
Burgertime (and Diner), Treasure of Tarmin and Thunder Castle are absolutely on there.

03-11-14, 08:56
I like the idea. I'm fairly confident I could come up with my top 10. Perhaps I'm more familiar with the library than my co-hosts?

15-11-14, 07:13
Going on a trip to Japan in a few days. Hopefully I can catch up on Intellivisionaries episodes whilst game hunting. I think a top ten intellivision games would be great or perhaps a top 25 games that defined the system.