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13-10-14, 06:20
Miner 2049er is a game that fell in a gap for me as a kid. Born in '76, I wasn't making my own purchasing decisions in '82 and by the time I played it many years later, it did not impress me. However, after reading the entry on the game in The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987 and playing it on the Coleco flashback, I've come to appreciate its unique challenge and the way it seemed to transcend arcade games of the same time (like Space Panic for example) in length and depth. Does anyone have a story about this game like "I bought it on its release day!" or "It's my favorite game ever?" It was also surprising to me to find how many loving games fall into the "Miner" family with the popularity of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy in the UK perhaps even outstripping the interest in the original game (and its sequel Bounty Bob Strikes Back). The 2 more recent games even got officially licensed releases on XBox Live Indie Games.

Anyway, just hoping for some discussion on what appears to be a really great game. What did it mean to you when it came out? Were you blown away that a game could have 10 (or 11) screens? Did it open your mind to the fact that home gaming could perhaps eclipse the arcade? Gimme some details!

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I thought this was gonna be a book of James on James factoids

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I thought this was gonna be a book of James on James factoids


We are thinking of a new segment. UKNeil reviewing James On James.

It will be called James On James On James

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So . . . . ?