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10-10-14, 01:38
Hey everyone, I recently picked up a TI-99 in box that seems to work like a charm. I would love to get into TI-BASIC and probably will, however would like some instant gratification by using an old cassette player we have to play games through it when connected to the TI-99. I do not have the cable though and have not found a lot online about it. I do have some soldering experience and could probably swing it if I had the appropriate instructions. I found this pic I will try to attach with the pin outs but it doesn't explain which 2 pins go to which of the cables. It seems there is usually a headphone jack, mic jack, and remote jack. This pic labels them differently. I really just need to know which 2 pins go to which cables and I think I can figure it out. 1664 1665

10-10-14, 01:42
If i were to guess. Pins 1 and 2 would plug into the remote port of the recorder. Pins 3 and 5 would plug into the mic port and pints 8 and 9 would plug into the headphone jack.

Of course there are a bunch of them on ebay for around 6 bucks buy it now. probably would be cheaper to buy one that to make it :)



10-10-14, 04:26
Thanks Willie, I was thinking something similar. I don't think I can break anything by hooking it up this way, so I guess now I just need to go get the parts I need. Thanks!

PS. I love Channel F files. Of course now I listen to this I find myself searching through mountains of 8 tracks looking for a hidden Fairchild Channel F game!

10-10-14, 10:00
Let me know how you make out :)

13-10-14, 07:29
There is a great TI site that has all the tech info, including the pinout you need for the cassette cable. And if I wasn't at work, I could scour for it.

Remember, you gotta tweak the volume just right.