View Full Version : STR 65: CGE2K14/HSW Atari Game Over Panel

06-10-14, 11:04
STR 65: CGE 2K14/HSW Atari Game Over Panel (http://greatbitblog.com/stalkingtheretro/podcasts/str65.mp3)

Special thanks to Willie for letting us include the audio from the awesome Howard Scott Warshaw Atari Game Over Panel.

Willie starts out the episode describing what it was like running the console area at the convention. He describes his pickups, things he saw, and the awesome panels that he went to. Then we get to hear the awesome Howard Scott Warshaw talking about the Atari Game Over film that was screened at CGE. He also talks about his experiences at Atari, game development, and much much more. To finish things off CGE related Kynrek aka Joshua from the Turtle Flakes podcast joins me and talks about his time at CGE. He rounds up what games he got at the convention and the awesome people he met.

Thanks again to Joshua and Willie for joining me on another exciting episode of Stalking The Retro!

07-10-14, 10:05
The interview with HsW is brilliant, he seems to be another fantastic atari alumni who has a great story to tell. Really enjoying this episode. I had no idea willie got a spider bite too.

08-10-14, 12:57
Yep last time I talked to Willie he was climbing the walls of his house and his eyes were all red. That may have been caused by the spider bite or another session on absinthe. :)

18-10-14, 03:27
I spent a lot of time with Howard over the weekend, he is a fantastic guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. Not just talking about the old days but also just an interesting, intelligent guy in general. He taught me how to play craps over a Guinness... what else can you ask for! Theres so much more to the excavation story, it was only just touched upon in the film/talk. With any luck the more interesting parts to the tale will be made public in the coming year or so...