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28-09-14, 03:41
Now that you can find 3DS games used (and sometimes cheap), I have been picking up more 3DS titles.

Specifically PilotWings Resort. And I must admit that I missed out on the earlier PilotWings games, so I can't really do a comparison. But I am enjoying the 3DS version.

The 3D looks good, but I usually turn it off. When I am focusing on completing misssions, I don't want to worry about holding the 3DS perfectly still.

Completionists beware! I have 119 out of 120 balloons found. I can't seem to find that last balloon!

28-09-14, 06:20
I find myself picking up every Pilot Wings game that comes out. It's one of those series that just tends to get overlooked and forgotten. Have to get back and start playing this one again. This was one of the games that really showed off just what the 3D could do, and that could simply be because it's a launch title.

If you like RPGs, I'd highly recommend "Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan" and "Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl". The first is the forth game in the series, the second is a remake of the first game. There's a lot of stat and character building, and you have to draw your map on the bottom screen in order to progress through the game. They each take a long time to finish.

28-09-14, 07:02
...If you like RPGs, I'd highly recommend "Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan" and "Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl"...

I do like RPGs (though I don't get into strategy RPGs). I have wanted to try the Etrian Odyssey games, drawing your own map as you go intrigues me (and seems like a perfect fit for the DS/3DS). Millennium Girl may be a good one to start on, but I will need to try it when I can dedicate some time to it.

28-09-14, 09:05
I can't remember if there was a demo for it or not. I think EO4 might have had one. Either way, one of them has one, and it's basically the first part of the game if I recall. After you finish it you can then start a game from the demo's save file.

08-10-14, 04:30
I don't like sport games with one exception - Golf. I really like Golf video games (and don't play golf in real life). Tiger Woods 2003 is classic as well as any of the Mario Golf games. I've been playing Mario Golf for the 3DS and it has been a lot of fun (and I use the 3D which I turn off on most games).

09-10-14, 07:35
I absolutely loved Mario Golf on the Gamecube, so I had to pick up the one on the 3DS. And yeah, I don't like sports games most of the time. I did buy one of the exclusive baseball games on the PS3, and had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to even play the thing.

30-10-14, 06:00
Just saw Brain Age: Concentration Training (http://www.nintendolife.com/games/3ds/brain_age_concentration_training) at the store (3DS). I didn't know this game was out. Haven't bought it yet, but it sounds like the new content and variations makes this more than just the standard Brain Age formula. And it is being discounted now so it isn't an expensive pickup.

01-11-14, 08:31
Just picked up DualPenSports (http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/2011/07/dualpensports_3ds) (heard about it on one of the podcasts). Pretty unique gameplay since you use a pen in each hand. It is sort of like the the Brain Training games in the sense that you just play it for a few minutes every day (without the math puzzles). And there is a nice finger test that checks right and left hand coordination as well as a daily sports challenge.

And for collectors out there, if you get it CIB it comes with two sports styluses inside the case!

The collection of mini games are too short to be worth full retail, but an interesting game if you find it for less than $10.