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25-08-14, 11:24
STR 63: Retro Revival 2014 (http://greatbitblog.com/stalkingtheretro/podcasts/str63.mp3)
In this epic episode the great John Romero has a chat with Septic Lemon, Aidy, and Deon about the past, present, and future of game development. We talk about the Retro Revival gaming convention just held this month in Wolverhampton. Septic and Vipp talk about all the games they played, their pickups, meeting up with fellow retro gamers, the crazy prices of most vendors, and much much more. So grab yourself a nice adult beverage and SUCK IT DOWN! John Romero is going to make you his bitch!

Make sure you check out the Cambridge Computer History Museum (http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/) and perhaps give a donation to keep that awesome place alive! Special thanks to Aidy from The British IBM for letting us include the John Romero interview in this episode.

Show notes coming soon.

26-08-14, 09:53
Just listened to it while heading out to pick up another ColecoVision off of Craigslist. Good episode!

27-08-14, 01:41
I think this episode needs to be renamed to "Vipp Unleashed"!

27-08-14, 12:55
I agree, i had a bad weekend after the shitest week at work so maybe 70% of what i aid could be forgiven but at a very basic level of respect for my fellow retro gamers i will always call out arseholes that want to sell in expensive shit at silly prices 'just because' they can.

28-08-14, 11:55
A Vipp unleashed is a very funny Vipp indeed. :) Vipp never change buddy. Your morose sense of humor is awesome.

28-08-14, 07:55
Thank you mate, i did go a little far on some of my points but essentially the message stays the same - Don't rip off fellow gamers, it's not right.

28-08-14, 08:22
Thank you mate, i did go a little far on some of my points but essentially the message stays the same - Don't rip off fellow gamers, it's not right.

Problem is, some retailers are not fellow gamers, it is all the bottom line with them :)

29-08-14, 01:21
Yes it's a shame that these kinds of re sellers exist in the retro gaming market. There are too many people that say: "Hey look retro gaming is a big thing these days let's see how we can profit from it." There are tons of these kinds of people here in Seoul. I just tell them frankly that they are asking way too much for their consoles and that I'd rather import a console for half what they are asking. I despise the fact that these bottom feeders show up at conventions and charge outrageous prices for retro games and consoles. Nobody should ever charge three or four times the value for a retro console. There is absolutely no excuse for that and I agree with Vipp that it ruins the expo when the vast majority of people selling retro games asks for stupid prices.

29-08-14, 08:14
what is most annoying is that 2 years ago, the events were smallers, and traders would go there and the prices would be lower than usual, so you;d offset some of the ticket price by snagging the "show deals" but now they're popular, and there's possibly a larger percentage of more casuals that don't know the market as well, and the prices end up being even higher than usual

Having said that, i nearly choked this afternoon when i saw that people on feebay were bidding 95+ for a boxed PAL SNES castlevania 4, which would have gone for about 10 18 months ago, so maybe we need to deal with the fact that the scene is getting more popular, and with that the prices are rising as the demand is higher and people are having to fight to win the games

30-08-14, 12:07
I saw a rise in the prices of a few games some years ago so i snapped them up to beat the price hike. i was happy to get Dino Crisis as revival along with GTA2 on the PS1 for 5 for both. :) Now i would like to play some intellivision games and they are going for 100+ in this instance i can only see a flash cart being the way forward. oddly i see a lot of Colecovision games here but no consoles really. I really want a new survival horror game to be released, something new and exciting - or maybe Fallout 4.