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02-06-14, 06:17
I had a few hours spare on Sunday so I finally gave my old Game Boy Pocket a good clean, and whilst doing that threw in the nonfinite v2 backlight panel that i've had lying around for a while (it was intended for a wonderswan, but I never got around to it.

Anyway, at every UK expo there is a vendor that sells lots of modded Game Boys and UKMike is always saying he wants one, but won't pony up their rates, so I said I'd throw it together for him.

The only problem is, it looks really nice and plays even better and now I want to keep it! ;-)

If anyone gets the chance to get hold of one of the nonfinite backlights I heartily recommend them, they're cheap and really good, and the newer kits don't even require you to cut away the case (although it's only a minor amount that you have to do anyway) It's bloody easy, so everyone should do it, anyway, here are some pictures

In total, I paid 6.50 (inc postage) for the grimy game boy, nintendo soccer, and a blue game boy advance carry case and the backlight was about 11 (inc postage) so for the sake of an hour with minimal tool skills you can do it a lot cheaper than the 40 charged at the shows


02-06-14, 09:26
That looks really awesome dude and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a Game Boy light!

02-06-14, 09:50
Perhaps, but it's not got that sexy Timex Indoglo electroluminescant glow that the light has

02-06-14, 10:18
I need to eventually do a mod like this to my Gameboy Color, but I don't want to mess it up.
No clue where my GB Pocket is.

03-06-14, 05:35
i've been thinking about doing my color, but i'm not so keen on frontlighting, and end up using either one of the backlit gameboy advance's that i have or sticking the games i want to play on my flash cart to play on the gbmicro

I'm pretty sure that i have a couple of spare donor GBASP's though so there's probably no reason not to do it one afternoon if i get bored

26-03-16, 06:47
I know I'm coming in way late, but that game boy looks great.

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26-03-16, 07:30
Did UK Mike ever get his hands on the gameboy Random Dave? It is a nice screen, the difference is incredible.

26-03-16, 08:13
Mike did indeed get it, and then I also modded UK Neil's gameboy color, which took a while as it used a glue that cured in UV light, which took about a week of the weak UK sun to set fully

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26-03-16, 04:27
I did indeed get it and still use it for a quick blast of Tetris.

Piff Merkin
26-03-16, 07:35
I did indeed get it and still use it for a quick blast of Tetris.

Mike, do you prefer Tetris games which save your score or or those that don't?

26-03-16, 07:49
Ones that do. On ones that don't I tend to use a save state so that it does.

On Game Boy Tetris game B I've got a score high enough to be third on Twin Galaxies so I always want to beat that.

27-03-16, 07:18
Tetris is way to hard for me mate, I enjoy the game but high scores would be nearly impossible. I do enjoy the NES Tetris the most and also managed to get into Dr. Mario back when I first got my 3DS and Septic Lemon recommended it as an alternative to Tetris. I also like the 3DS offering save states for every virtual console game, it makes some retro games a little easier to manage.