View Full Version : RPG Maker going cheap on Humblebundle.

31-05-14, 02:06

Guys i just picked up this RPG Maker bundle - i spent 10 and got the whole bundle but you can play less if you like or more. It's $12 for the whole set and you get a serious amount of stuff with the RPG Maker.

I have a Space Horror game written out in the same style of UK Mikes super fun James bond style text adventure. My plan is to make a small game and throw in a few regulars around these parts.

The reason im telling you all is that i picked up Multimedia Fusion 2 from the Humble bundle and recently i have been going back and learning how to create games and its easy once you get into the general flow on it. i have a spaceship game that's all hand drawn and its coming along nicely. I wouldn't have had that opportunity if i left the bundle. what im saying is for the price its not a bad thing to have in your inventory. :)

Grab this set for $12 and set it aside for a rainy day then get some RPG games out for your forum friends.

See you all on steam. (if i can get a chuffing day off bloody work)

31-05-14, 06:07
Yep saw that. I just picked up the half bundle for 6 bucks. Now if I can just find the time to learn a new game making program. Even if I never do six bucks is worth it just for the free games packed in the bundle.