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31-05-14, 01:41
SoCal is 2 for 2 and Scott and UK Mike stay in a real English castle.

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
It Came From MAME - (53:38)
Play Blackpool - (64:40)
Guinness Gaming Records - (117:06)
Brumisator: Marvin Milk - (119:52)
Warren Davis and David Thiel Interview - (123:08)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (214:02)
Top Ten Video Pinball Games - (214:31)
Gaming Trivia - (338:21)
The Hero Of Canton - (340:53)
Live News And Listener Views - (343:13)
URLs And EMails - (426:00)

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01-06-14, 03:48
Great episode! The Warren Davis and David Thiel interview was excellent! It was nice to hear some of their personal stories and give them some credit and recognition for the variety of work that they have done.

02-06-14, 02:42
A great example of a candidate robot, no affiliation, just a random auction. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261488742201?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

04-06-14, 01:38
I also enjoyed the HW Flashback! It made me think of the robot Rocky had at his home in Rocky IV.

The Raspberry Pi is probably the robotic/electronic hobbyist kit of today.

05-06-14, 06:01
Cheers for the Kiwi Pincade and the pinball New Zealand page on Facebook. Great episode as always

05-06-14, 06:03
Sorry I meant cheers for the plug. Appreciate it

10-06-14, 04:35
Very enjoyable episode this month, fellas.

I think you guys mostly got it right with the top 10. Must be a slow news month for retro gaming.


11-06-14, 05:01
For video pinball games, I have to recommend the Atari STE game Obsession. 4 original tables, really nicely done with convincing physics, and great sound / music. This was one of the few games to take advantage of the STE's additional colors, hardware scrolling and DMA stereo sound output. It was also ported to the Amiga, but the STE version sounds better and looks more colorful / brighter.

A really great game that was probably missed by most.

Check it out here: http://youtu.be/WXfWwNz3vZM

11-06-14, 02:34
Great episode as usual guys. I have to make my own pinball recommendation here as well. There are some great video pins on the Saturn made by Kaze. Most of them were Japan only releases but Last Gladiators was released world wide. My favorite of the series has to be Necronomicon which has a dark foreboding theme and an awesome soundtrack. These games sound and look simply amazing for a console in the 90's. The following video doesn't really do it justice but I suggest checking it out anyway to get an example of what this game is about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edpG_EGYEEU

11-06-14, 04:52
A great episode indeed, but I feel that the Atari VCS game Video Pinball is often inappropriately overlooked, as it's a fun game in its own context. I can understand why it wasn't championed in a discussion about games that attempt to realistically simulate pinball, as it has about as much to do with real pinball as, say, Combat has to do with a real war.

But that's why I have fun playing it -- rather than attempting in vain to provide the experience of a manual pinball table, it knows it's a video game, and thus makes use of the physics-defying things that can only occur in video games.

The main reason I like it is that the "nudge" control affords you some immense influence; it's almost like having a guided ball. As long as you let go of the fire button before the conveniently horizontal, screen-shaped pinball table tilts, you can nuance that square ball right through the rollers and really rack up your score (and extra lives, thanks to the cool Atari-logo roller). I use the "nudge" a lot more often than I even pay attention to the flippers. And I think Video Pinball was the first game I ever scored over a million in.

(Actually, that might have been the children's variation of VCS Missile Command, as I just wanted to see how far I could get in that slow-moving version. I wound up having to turn the console off; my game never ended. So I scored over a million in order to write it down, and went on to a different game, or perhaps that whole playing-outside thing we used to do in the '80s.)

11-06-14, 05:49
I have to agree with Chris here. Video Pinball is a seriously underrated gem for the 2600. As a kid I was a bit put off by the visual aspect of it because it didn't really look like a pinball machine because of the horizontally shaped table and square bumpers, but the game had fantastic gameplay and replay value. It had some great elements like nudging, extra ball, tilt, special lit targets, drop targets, and spinners. This game got a lot of hours of gameplay and is still one of my first go-to games when I fire up my 2600.

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11-06-14, 06:33
Atari's "Video Pinball" arcade & Pinball 2000 are like opposites of each other, but are similar.