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28-05-14, 04:38
STR 60: Happy Birthday Game Boy! (http://greatbitblog.com/stalkingtheretro/podcasts/str60.mp3)

The STR crew talks about our favorite Game Boy games as we celebrate 25 years of the most successful portable game console ever made. Scott from RGR joins us as we take a walk down memory lane and discuss some of our favorite games of the system as well as our nostalgic memories of playing the Game Boy. The games we talk about in the episode are: Donkey Kong, Mario Land, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Quix, X, Tail Gator and much much more. So grab your old school DMG and listen along as we celebrate this very special event.

28-05-14, 06:12
Cool! It's cued up to play after I finish the latest ColecoVisions episode. Thanks, Indieseoul.

28-05-14, 08:11
Another great episode. Love the GB.

I wax nostalgic for Kwirk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwirk). A decent transport puzzler. According to the Encyclopedia Galactica, it was only released in Japan and the US.

29-05-14, 07:15
Another shout for some Tail Gator love, it was a game that was amongst quite a lot of crap on my 55 in 1 cart, but one that i'd go back to all the time

31-05-14, 06:16
Just want to say thanks to Scott for joining us on this episode. He was quite drunk and yet he managed to add something special to this episode. :) Also thanks again to Dhalamar for hosting STR on his site for over two years. Thanks to Septic Lemon STR has a new home on Great Bit Blog. (http://www.greatbitblog.com/)

There should be no interruption in your feeds but if anyone has any problems let me know and we will try and resolve the issue. STR had a nice jump in subscriber numbers this month!

That said it would be nice if we could get some more I-tunes ratings. Nudge nudge wink wink listeners that happen to read this!

01-06-14, 12:28
So much love for Catrap <3

02-06-14, 02:01
Enjoyed the episode. It seems I missed out on a lot of fun, since I'm one of those rare people who:

- Never owned a Gameboy of any kind (I had a Lynx)

- Don't like Tetris at all on any platform

-Never played a Zelda game (I played Dragon Warrior, Ultima, early Final Fantasy, so I like the genre. Just never got around to Zelda)

Never into the Mario games (other than DK and the original Mario Brothers).

[ducking and taking cover now]

02-06-14, 06:05