View Full Version : Let's kickstart Socal and the guys to a CrossEuropeRetroTrip

08-05-14, 10:50
I'd love to see the three of you do a cross Europe Retro Roadtrip. Why not set up a kickstarter? Rewards: Retroroundup Roadmovie, Retroroundup Postcards from all over Europe, Retroroundup speeding ticket (with photo...

Great show, guys!

09-05-14, 11:52
I'm down for that, we were just at Play Blackpool and after CGE is wrapped I am going to hit up an expo in Germany. Where do you live scraparcade?

10-05-14, 02:52
Where do you live scraparcade?

Yea, where do you live Scrapper. :OO:

13-05-14, 04:34

15-05-14, 10:23

Yep, here I go again :-)

I live in the Nuremberg area in Germany.
I'm wildly fantasizing about a Griswoldesque Roadtrip :-)
Maybe it would be nice to get one or two of those Retrogaming-Youtubers (GameChasers, NESComplex, MetalJesusRocks and the likes) on board for filming expertise and additional crazyness?
What do you think?

06-06-14, 07:47
That is a good idea, but let's kickstart them to Japan.

UK and SOCAL are half of the way. Scott digs a plane so it isn`t that bad.

In Japan you can still find arcades like SEGA and Taito. Besides that you have plenty of stores to check for retrogamming. The biggest one in Tokyo is SuperPotato. It is a dream. If you walk around Akiba you find many more.

If you have time you can go to Japan Game Museum for arcade and pinball as well.

You can also find retrogamming in other citys. GameCenter CX made an episode about Fukuoka city.

As Scraparcade mentioned, the prizes can be a DVD, photo books and so on.

Ah, before I forget, consider my ticket in the Kickstarter campaign... :-)