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30-04-14, 07:02
STR 59: I'm a Commodore Junkie! (http://stalkingtheretro.wastedseconds.com/podcasts/str59.mp3)

In this episode we talk about some games for the Commodore 64. We discuss some unusual games such as Rock Band and awesome games like Little Computer People, Druid, Clowns, and many more. Willie talks about his recent gaming pickups and we all discuss the retro games that we have been playing lately. Thanks to the SD2IEC I have become a Commodore Junkie. The only cure is to play tons of C64 games.

30-04-14, 08:25
Excellent. Starting to listen now...

30-04-14, 08:51
Man i didn't get a shout out in the show notes for editing this month, i need to join a podcasting union. Haha. this is a great episode.

30-04-14, 11:05
Man i didn't get a shout out in the show notes for editing this month, i need to join a podcasting union. Haha. this is a great episode.

Well, Vipp... we talk about and thank you all the time on our show. We even send you games! Apparently STR doesn't appreciate you like The Intellivisionaries does...

Heh heh heh!

Another enjoyable show nonetheless. I never had a C64 (I was an Atari 8-bit guy), but this SD2IEC seems like a great way to get quickly into it.

01-05-14, 11:09
Vipp gets tons of free games from Focus. Thanks Vipp for editing the podcast mate. I was too tired when you sent me the file and just put it out as quick as I could. I apologize for the lack of shout out. Don't worry on the next episode I will thank you personally on the show. We couldn't do the show without awesome people like Vipp, and of course Focus, Septic Lemon and Diagamblic.

Thanks for the comment Nurmix. I am tempted to say more. Heh heh heh!

01-05-14, 04:15
I do get a lot of shout-outs and free gifts from the STR guys and have no bad words to say about the podcast or the guys. When ever i work with someone i do it because i enjoy the task and the friendships and nothing more so my joke above was maybe in poor taste so i apologies for that. Honestly Indie you don't need to shout out personally to me in he next episode as i am fully aware you were/are grateful and very appreciative of me helping out and that was/is enough for me. consider me thanked and praised enough and also sorry.

That will be my last comment in this thread.

01-05-14, 04:54
My previous post about Vipp and STR was in total jest, and clearly wasn't based in fact. My intention was just having some fun with you guys. My apologies if I've offended anyone here. I'm a big fan of STR, and consider those involved my friends, so I definitely don't want to step on anyone's toes. Vipp is a great contributor to many shows, including STR, The Intellivisionaries, and RGR. And we all equally appreciate his efforts! We have forgotten to thank people in episodes, and then did it the following episode. It's an easy oversight to make, when you're dealing with so many other thinghs related to each episode.

01-05-14, 08:11
Vippy has also helped me on Arcade USA as well :) STR has a special meaning for me, it was the first podcast I was invited on (it took Indie quite a while to get me to do it as I am a shy kind of guy, well at least I was back then). but after being on STR and the support I have received from everyone on this forum (not to mention the RGR guys! who support me quite a bit!) I ventured into doing Arcade USA (named by Septic and Scott motivated me) for my love of Classic Arcade Games while still doing STR with Indie and Septic. STR, Atari 2600 game by game and Intellivisionaries got me motivated to try my own podcast The ColecoVisions Podcast with my good friend Socal. The show I think continues to improve with all the good constructive feedback I get, which I really appreciate :)

But with all I do, I still have a special fuzzy place for STR and plan on continuing with Indie, Septic and Diagamblic as long as they can put up with me :) (Diagamblic - I know I tease you quite a bit on air, its just for fun like I do to Septic :) )

One of the very unique things about the RGR forums is the sense of community, which is what drew me in to begin with after hearing my first episode of RGR #18 Rings around Uranus.

Now, pardon me while I go put on the headphones. fire up the latest Retro Gaming Roundup and knock back some Absenthe :)

01-05-14, 11:43
We certainly have a great community here. I've thought of us and RGR and the "RGR Network", and a circle of friends who share the same interests. Perhaps maybe even being family.

05-05-14, 06:14
I think you are all a bunch of cruel bastards.

05-05-14, 06:55
No problem Focus, I take it in stride. I enjoy being part of the show.

06-05-14, 03:19
I think you are all a bunch of cruel bastards.

So you'll fit right in!