View Full Version : STR 58: Anonymous Emailer.

11-04-14, 07:40
STR 58: Anonymous E-mailer (http://stalkingtheretro.wastedseconds.com/podcasts/str58.mp3)

It's hard to believe but STR has been going strong for over two years now!

STR gets back in the groove with a full crew for this episode. We discuss games such as Comix Zone, Sonic 3, The Laura Croft series, PaRappa The Rapper, Vib Ribbon, and Ganbare Goemon 2. We discuss various topics such as whether or not Sonic 3 is a good game, games that let you play your own CD soundtracks, Scott's wild arcade party, upcoming retro gaming conventions and much much more.

STR is now available on Tune In Radio so you can stream us whilst playing games on your PS3 or Ouya console.

11-04-14, 08:29
I hope you recorded an email and read it out. That would be brilliant. Going to listen to this sharpish.

14-04-14, 06:18
Darn that would have been funny. I'll have to do that for a future episode. :)