View Full Version : Anyone here try the nVidia Shield?

02-04-14, 11:59
This thing is a beast, and has more or less replaced my Open Pandora for my emulation handheld of choice. I'm sure guys who are used to emulating on handhelds have enjoyed everything from 2600 to SNES/Genesis stuff, while bigger fans have enjoyed PS1 or N64, even DS via DraStic recently. But Shield is handling PSP games like a dream, but even that isn't the real shock. The crazy thing is playable Dreamcast games! Dreamcast in a pocket is insane to me, and even though it's a tad glitchy at times, it's totally playable. Been enjoying Sonic Adventure 2, Soul Calibur, and Dead or Alive 2 on the go and having a blast with it!

06-04-14, 06:23
Awesome! My videocard supports the shield, but I haven't tried it. How much is it?

06-04-14, 07:38
It's normally 250, but nvidia has it discounted to 200 during April.

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