View Full Version : Helping the legal fight against patent trolls who are suing podcasters

28-03-14, 03:01

Pardon my preachiness (i wasn't sure where to post this), but as a podcast listener and podcaster this issue is important to me. Major podcasters are being sued by a patent troll group. In this case, the trolls purchased a vague patent that has been painstakingly re-interpreted to mean podcasts. While only the big podcasters are being targeted now, if the trolls win every podcast could be subjected to licensing fees or worse. I am spreading the word among word among my fellow podcast fans.

28-03-14, 08:30
Interesting, I will have to read up on this. It sounds typical, anything of value is now teeming with legal lice.

29-03-14, 04:09
Thanks, Chris.

I wasn't aware of this, but will read up on it now.