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27-03-14, 03:02
In this episode we are joined by Kynrek and talk about the great computer for the masses, the Commodore 64! We discuss the SD2IEC, Jiffy DOS, replacement power supplies, and more. Then we discuss the games we've been playing, retro gaming pickups, controller mods and some retro news. So while you are waiting for a game to load on your Commodore why not listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro.

STR 57: I Adore My 64. (http://stalkingtheretro.wastedseconds.com/podcasts/str57.mp3)

Focusrs mentioned the possibility of a version of Kaboom for the C64 but sadly it doesn't exist. However there are several clones of that game available.

Here are a couple that I found thanks to the Lemon 64 forums:
Bombard (http://www.gb64.com/game.php?id=10551)
Panic Analogue (http://www.gb64.com/game.php?id=23607)

Do you have a favorite Kaboom clone? Please discuss.....

09-04-14, 08:34
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Just discovered that Tune in Radio is also on the PS3, Playstation Vita, Ouya, Roku box and more. I wonder where the PS4 version is.

14-04-14, 07:20
That was a great episode guys!

14-04-14, 07:39
That was a great episode guys!

Seconded. Really enjoyed this one.

20-04-14, 01:15
Thanks guys! We have even more Commodore 64 love to share in the upcoming episode. :)