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11-03-14, 11:24
As AMD APUs are powering the Xbox One and PS4, I totally believed all the hype from AMD about running modern games on a small single APU system with no graphics card. I liked the idea of having a small gaming PC to take to friends houses.

So I bought the A10-7850K APU at launch and have messed around with different drivers etc. And for me anyway, the system is pretty poor. I had a 4 year old desktop, I expected the new system to be better but my windows experience score has gone DOWN from 5.6 to 4.3 (?can't quite remember the exact figure). In addition games that were 40-50 fps at 720p on the old system (like skyrim which is not a new game) are now 15 FPS at 720p. Newer games like hitman absolution are equally bad on the APU. I don't know if 10-15 FPS is counted as playable by AMD. I have 16GB of overclocked RAM so can't upgrade that any further.

The other problem is that the APU does not crossfire (work in parallel) with a decent AMD graphics card (only low spec ones) so if I buy a good graphics card the APU will just be acting as a mid range CPU. So you have overpaid for a mid range CPU.

So, if you are thinking about making a PC / Steam console then DON'T buy a Kaveri APU! Hopefully AMD will release companion graphics cards for their APUs, but at the moment I have a gaming PC that plays worse than a 360 and cost a hell of a lot more! Be warned!

06-06-15, 02:29
I'm wondering if it's just something hokey with your mobo. Maybe needing driver updates, etc.

This is what I have, it gets a 6.6 on the Windows experience thing...

CPU AMD A8-7600
Kaveri 28nm Technology
RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (9-9-9-24)
Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. A88XM-E (FM2+ )

22-06-15, 01:55
MrPapaya, thanks for reminding me about this post. Yep, you are right. In the end the performance dropped even further. The issue was with the motherboard and the communication with the RAM chips. I sent the motherboard back to be repaired. After two MONTHS waiting they just gave me a refund. So I bought a totally different motherboard. The new motherboard does give me a better score (not sure the number now as the PC is not being used), but the max performance is only a little better than the 4 year old system I was replacing. So I started from scratch and built a new gaming system using an intel CPU and separate graphics card. The difference is amazing for a bit more money. I can now play games like skyrim at 1080p and with the enhanced graphics mods. Newer games play fine at 1080p.

I thought about using the Kavari system as a streaming box. As steam streams games now, but the stock fan that comes with the karavi is on the noisy side, especially when it really decides to ramp up the RPMs. So even with the new motherboard, I would not recommend the kaveri A10-7850K APU to anybody.

06-12-15, 05:54
I used to build only AMD all the time, but my most recent build I went with a 750 GTX TI and a G3258 Pentium. It's solid for budget performance.