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11-03-14, 07:51
I canít decide if Iím pleased or sad that Iíve completed Castlevania Circle of the Moon on each of the different modes; Vampire Hunter, Magician, Fighter, Shooter and Thief. It might have been due to the amount of practice Iíd been putting in but I found Thief the easiest. I entered the final battle with Dracula with something like 56 Potion Highs so it was a doddle.

This is my favorite Castlevania game and my second favorite Metroidvania game after Super Metroid. I think it is a bit on an unsung classic, mostly due to it being almost unplayable on an original GBA due to it being so dark. Like Super Metroid it has just the right difficulty curve and the DSS magic system is really good. Getting all of the cards is always something I strive to do in any game.

Has anyone else played it and if so are you a fan like me?

02-04-14, 05:26
It was one of my first gba games. I really enjoyed it. It was hard to play on the original gba due to the game being so dark and not having a backlit screen, but replaying it on the sp was a blast. I usually replay all the gba castlevanias every few years

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