View Full Version : C64/128 fans...I found a butt load of 5 1/4' disks. should I pick them up?

27-02-14, 01:45
At a flea market yesterday I spotted a floppy disk (5 1/4) holder loaded with about 30 or so Commodore 64 / 128 Loadstar Monthly disks in great shape. Some had the paper manual stuck inside as well. I do not own a C64 although I had one many moons ago as it was our first computer. I would love to get one but I don't see getting one in the near future.

My question is are these worth the $1.25 they are asking or are they completely obsolete with the advent of the internet. I would probably just use them for trade to build up our cart collection for now. What do you think guys, I am not sure how long they will last?

27-02-14, 02:45
For $1.25 there just might be some gems in there. Sure, there's emulators and such, but for that price you get the nice bonus of "running it on the real thing".

28-02-14, 03:14
So I went ahead and purchased them. It turned out to be $1.33 for what looks to be the first 77 issues of LOADSTAR Monthly. Some have the contents printed on the label and some have a supplementary sheet in the sleeve. I picked a random few out and took a snapshot. I am not sure if and when I will get a Commodore again but I should be able to find someone who wants to trade for some carts which we can you at our house.


28-02-14, 03:31
Awesome pickup. For all you know they don't even have the data on them thats on the label, someone may have written over them with... who knows what! I always try to pick up stuff like this just in case. Keep them in a safe, dry, magnetism and static free location until you trade or use them!

02-03-14, 03:14
The thought of them not having data on them didn't cross my mind until just now. I think they are organized a little too well for that. Plus a good majority of them have the flyer for the magazine tucked inside to show what is supposedly on the disk. But then again you never know. I'll keep them tucked away safely until I find someone who needs them. Thanks