View Full Version : Dungeon Keeper for FREE! gog.com 14hr special.

15-02-14, 09:46
Hi all, get your hands on a FREE copy of Dungeon Keeper 1 over at www.gog.com, it's a valentines weekend special but it's still about 14 hours to go from this being posted. Get it whilst it's hot guys and gals.


15-02-14, 10:50
Looks like a good deal to me :).

16-02-14, 03:48
Eh sure why not, I'll try it out.

16-02-14, 05:45
Great game! I joined EA just after they bought Bullfrog so I had the pleasure of working with a whole bunch of the DK team. Great guys, happy times! Will probably pick this up for convenience even though I have it in the 'games vault' someplace!!!