View Full Version : Restocking RGRU with live news prizes :)

06-02-14, 04:48
sending out another box to Socal :) prizes for RGRU live news!


06-02-14, 05:55
I see some stuff in there that I own (and love), and a couple things I don't have. Hmm, I'll have to try and win something.

06-02-14, 06:53
Win as much as you like but SoCal post is slower than my cousin Paul. Haha. He is a busy man with his new magazine so it's only to be expected.

06-02-14, 11:40
Ya, SoCal is a very busy man. I would just offer them myself during the live news, but typically when they record I am on a business trip, so I may not be on there to offer them up.

I guess another alternative is I could take a picture of all the prizes I have and send to the guys to choose from to offer during the live news, then I can mail them out when I get a PM from the winner. Could send a pic of lets say 3 prizes at a time for each live news segment.

That way The guys will have some more prizes to give away and not have to worry about getting them mailed out since I would handle that :)

May try it for the next live news and not send this box to Socal.

15-02-14, 08:19
You could air-drop them over my house if you decide to fly over Texas sometime ;-).