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01-02-14, 01:25
The first show of 2014 hits the store and it's our longest Top ten to date.

All filler, no killer, or something like that.

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
Guinness Gaming Records - (43:26)
Jeroen Tel: Supremacy - (46:22)
Simon Butler Interview - (48:11)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (112:00)
Top Ten Handheld Gaming Systems - (112:26)
Gaming Trivia - (282:55)
Atar-Rewind - (283:03)
Brad Smith: The Great Gig In The Sky - (290:59)
Live News And Listener Views - (296:27)
URLs And EMails - (400:41)

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Byte Knight
01-02-14, 06:05
Just made the deadline! Can't wait to hear how you came up with that title...

01-02-14, 05:41
Great show so far, ordered the CoCo book. Funny, I've been shopping for one on ebay over the past few weeks. Spent a lot of time with this computer, some of my earliest computer games were on this system. Remember playing Hunt the Wumpus, Poltergeist, and others. Remember loading games up on the tape drive too. The joysticks were pretty good for this system, a lot like the Vectrex.

02-02-14, 05:55
Nice top ten! The GP2X is a Korean product but I've rarely seen it for sale here. I remember seeing them for sale back when Personal Media Players were huge here but I never bought one. These days when I do see one in the gaming market it's always broken.

I love that UK Mike nominated the Game Boy Light. It was Nintendo's first back-lit system and it used a cool electroluminescent display like those watches that were big in the 90's.

UK Mike do you have a Game Boy Light? I love mine but I'm glad I didn't pay the outrageous price that these things fetch. I saw a few in Japan but they were all scratched to hell and still selling for 50 bucks at Super Potato.

02-02-14, 06:19
UK Mike do you have a Game Boy Light?

I don't but I have played one.

03-02-14, 11:50
Scott mentioned some 'new jamma' multi-boards which are WAY better than the old ones. I'm really interested. Any details on these new boards?

SID Kidd64
05-02-14, 06:43
Excellent start into 2014 with such a great top ten debate :) Thanks again Socal, Scott and UKMike for putting so much dedication into this. Hopefully I will not miss the next live news again due to touring!

06-02-14, 03:32
Loved the top 10 this month! I actually own a GP2X Wiz myself (purchased from ThinkGeek when they still had them). Capable little emulation machine when it was released, but I never could seem to get myself past that odd tearing effect across the diagonal of the screen that the Wiz seems to have. Since the PSP is so easily hacked these days, I do feel like it's a better emulation box than the Wiz these days.

06-02-14, 03:36
I am testing now, a huge leap over the 60in1s with none of the major problems that the junk 1500 in 1 stuff had, still in development but unless someone screws it up it will be the future for multis.

Scott mentioned some 'new jamma' multi-boards which are WAY better than the old ones. I'm really interested. Any details on these new boards?

06-02-14, 02:51
cant wait to hear more about this! I am thinking of upgrading my Barcade with another board and it sounds like this one would be the one to use! you better hide it when I come over :) heh heh heh

07-02-14, 03:27
CoCo book arrived. Been reading it, and it's great. I spent a lot of time as a kid on this computer, fun to read the history.

Problem: My chapters/page numbers are hosed and out of order. Example, chapter 7 comes after chapter 11.

This thing was like $30.

Anyone else notice this?

07-02-14, 07:10
Got a response from Bill. Beware if ordering from Amazon.

It's a known problem with older Amazon stock. The whole first run that Amazon got had a printer's error that was out of CRC Press's control. Let Amazon know and they'll issue a replacement right away. They have known good stock now. Thanks for the message and sorry that you were inconvenienced.


10-02-14, 03:21
Has there been a review segment on the Sega 3D Classics games on the 3DS? I'd imagine SoCal Mike would really dig those and I want to hear his take.

10-02-14, 11:47
There hasn't. We did have SoCal doing one on the pinball Hall Of Fame on DS and Scott doing a follow up.

12-02-14, 06:52
sorry for the long delay, i am just now listening to the latest episode

I was at PRGE last year (as was my NYPWP co-host, steve who listens to your show but I do not believe is on the forums). I walked by your booth a couple of times while you were Ngaged with podcasting business. My wife and kid were in town with me, so I didn't go to any of the afterhours parties. I did however wait in line to get into the show on saturday with the deaf thief... before I knew he was the thief.