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16-01-14, 02:35
Well hi guys, how are you all? All well I hope. :SONRUN:

Well let me introduce myself. My name is Gareth, Gareth Hamer and I was born in the 80's so grew up in what I can only call the golden end of gaming in the UK.

I can clearly (Somehow) remember playing on my Dad's Dragon 32 computer at the age of 4 and by 5 I had my first computer, a ZX speccy. Well it was my Dad's but I played on it more until the late 80's were I got a second hand C64 for my bday and the Xmas after I got a brand new NES with Super Mario Bros 3 which even to this day I still class as my favourite game ever.

Not only having access to several systems as a kids, my uncle worked in an electronics store so had access to other systems like Amiga, Atari and 286/386 PC's so from time to time I was the envy of the playground as I could give advice on systems and games.

Now I mainly play on PC. I do still own several retro systems and games I do enjoy loading up an old emulator from time to time.

Don't be scared to say hello and hope to get to know more of you all over time. :LD

16-01-14, 02:53
Welcome to the forums Gareth! How long have you been listening to Retro Gaming Roundup?

17-01-14, 01:09
Welcome! Hope to see you post more often, and of course, join us in the live news!

17-01-14, 03:04
We will be doing the Play expo in Blackpool, come up and say hello to us if you are there!

17-01-14, 06:49
Hey dude, hopefully I'll get to meet you at an expo, although blackpool and manchester are a bit of a treck i'd imagine, so perhaps a more southernly gig like a Revival event

17-01-14, 10:23
Manchester isn't very retro at all so they can keep that but Retro Revival does just what it says on the tin. Welcome to the forum buddy, it's good to have you here.

Will you be going to Retro Revival 2014?