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31-12-13, 12:59
What we have here, is a failure to communicate.
Some people, you just can't reach.

Despite that, we managed to record a Podcast and get it out.

This is it.

Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
It Came From MAME - (53:28)
Guinness Gaming Records - (70:33)
Roy Glover: MULE - (73:07)
Steve Woita And Keithen Hayenga Interview - (76:52)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (134:35)
Top Ten Christmas Gifts - (135:05)
Gaming Trivia - (277:49)
Retro Regurge - (278:15)
Nurmix: Treasured (PRGE Edit) - (285:57)
Focus On The Prize - (289:10)
Live News And Listener Views - (290:31)
URLs And EMails - (426:00)

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31-12-13, 06:18
And don't forget the brilliant companion show for the holidays!


01-01-14, 02:35
Awesome show, was able to listen to the whole thing today driving 5 hours to Canton NC to do a Gamerspots/Arcade USA taping.

I like the charity thing to kill the Wii U, would like to come up Scott and record it to make a video. Here is what would be cool.

Title: Wii-Uicide

Part 1: either the Wii base or the screen part bridging between two brinks like a board to karate chop.
- Enter Scott wearing a Karate Outfit
- Enter FocusRS bringing a Nintendo Power Glove on a pillow to Scott ot put on (like that claw thing in a bruce lee movie).
- Scott chops the WiiU, if he fails, he gets out a machette and nails it again. All the while I can have bruce lee type music playing in the backgroudn with bruce lee yells going on.

Part 2: the final part of the Wiiu plus the karate chopped one
- Enter scott wearing his military uniform setting up his 50 cal or whatever he is using.
- Enter focus by the wii-U to tie a blindfold around it and put a cigarette in it.
- Scott blows it away (of coarse after Focus gets behind scott to be safe :) )
- All the while I can get some type of military music playing like from a old war movie or something in the background.
- Have Scott and focus saluting as the video fades.

04-01-14, 08:14
I like the charity thing to kill the Wii U, would like to come up Scott and record it to make a video. Here is what would be cool.

Focus, I like your ideas, but I am against destroying the Wii U. Destroying the Wii U sounds like sacrilege for people who collect retro game systems that sometimes didn't sell very well (even for excellent charities). My vote would be to sell it on GameGavel and give that money to charity. I am not trying to be the annoying contrarian, so I will briefly defend the Wii U.

Like SubaruBrat, I too am baffled as to why the gamepad wasn't Bluetooth or WiFi so it could be used in a different room (probably as a hardware parenting control mechanism), but the machine isn't worthless. My daughters and I have been having a blast with the multiplayer games on NintendoLand and Wii Party U. Plus the gamepad has dual analog sticks, so it can cater to more traditional single player games (which the Wii and 3DS both lack unless you use a game controller accessory on the Wii). The game pad is also light and comfortable to hold while playing lengthy games. It also has built in rechargeable batteries. Add to that fact that it will play original Wii games, it is actually a nice upgrade and has a lot of potential.

Just putting my 2 cents in. Your video would be funny to watch. Good hunting!

04-01-14, 09:39
folks have got the gamepad working with the pc, so you may want to hold onto that and push any emulator that can run on pc to it

08-01-14, 06:00
Thanks for the "It Came From Mame" shout out, Mike! I was curious as to how the wheel actually spun. How were the graphics? I feel like over the 8 or so years I've been collecting, I've played every format of WoF except for that one.

And Scott! The bit on the history of CRT tubes would have helped me out on my chemistry final paper in college a couple years ago (the subject was the history of chemistry in various forms of televisions throughout history (I was a music major, a jazzer, haha). I remember waiting until the last day and starting the paper on Superman I and finishing it right near the end of Superman returns. CRTs are still very prevalent in most thrift shops, I assume. I got a nice 42" Sansui (I know, not a great brand) for my birthday last year in my retro gaming room (I have a current, and a retro gaming room).

I'm only at the interview part, I'll post my thoughts after the rest!

08-01-14, 07:04
Yeah I have to agree with Drich 255. The internet is already filled with people destroying consoles and you wouldn't want to become a part of that nonsense despite it's possible hilarity. How about donating it to some poor kid for example the Toys for Tots program or something like that. Then again you could just wait it out and hope that Nintendo starts releasing some really awesome must have games for the system. I heard a new Zelda might come out someday. :) I think it's still a little too early to call the Wii U a total failure. Nintendo might be able to pull it out of the fire in the coming months if they actually start releasing games that Nintendo fans cry for.

Either way awesome episode as usual. Scott's hardware flashback was very informative as usual and the top ten was one of the best ever! I really enjoyed the whole episode so it's now time to listen to it a second and third time. Also thanks to Socal for giving STR another shout out.

Byte Knight
26-01-14, 04:29
Great episode and bonus episode guys! Just please don't let SoCal rap any more...