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12-12-13, 11:16
Hi all,

I'm Mart form the UK, been listening to RGR since around show 9 or 10, you guys always crack me up, great content for my work commute.

I love arcade gaming and have converted the back part of my garage into my small arcade which I've filled with cabs, It's taken me a few years to get most of them working but its a never ending hobby so I doubt they will ever all be working at the same time. I've attached a couple of photos below. I also love the 2600, Master system and Dreamcast. Generally if its Sega or Atari I'm in!

I had a quick chat with UKMike last sunday at the Revival show, (talking about your Vpin in the arcade area in the morning you then went on to play the Gran Turismo drivers if you remember :WO) which has inspired my to say hello here, I've also been meaning to get into the live news chat for an age, hopefully I'll join you for the next one.

See you about.

Regards, Mart.

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13-12-13, 12:22
Hi Smarty, Welcome to the forum. Try to get into attending Live News, it's a blast mate and 90% of the comedy gold is not submitted to the podcast so it's a real treat for fans of RGR.

Also im a massive Sega fan so it's nice to have another in the forum.

13-12-13, 01:19
Hi martin. I do remember yes. Even through the haze of recovering from a drunken evening of Laphroaig and guinness. I see you have a fire truck. I doubt there are many of those working in the uk

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13-12-13, 11:59
Hello and welcome!

Getting to know fellow listeners better through the forums and various internetplaces makes the show even better. Enjoy your stay.

13-12-13, 08:44
Cheers guys, I'll do my best to make it into Live new in the new year.

Mike, re Fire Truck. I've been restoring it in my spare time since april this year, its been documented in the link in my signature. I think it is the only one working in the UK. I know of three more machines; mine came from a lot of three and the collector who I got mine off has the other two in storage they need restoring, the other one I know of came from Belgium but I don't know its current state.

Photo attached of how it looked when I got it.

Cheers, Mart.


13-12-13, 08:53
It looks like you have bought that machine back from the dead, i enjoy cabinet restoration, it's a labor of love but the results can be very rewarding.

13-12-13, 08:59
Welcome to the forums (and the garage arcade club, of which I am also a member) :WINK:

Nice job on Fire Truck! I've got to do a restore on a sit-down Night Driver... once I get all the pieces. I currently have the main section. The seat and shifter are in Oregon...

Live News is a blast. Wish I could join in more frequently, but they always seem to happen when I'm swamped with work.

16-12-13, 05:34
Welcome matey! Damn thats a nice Fire Truck. Amazing to see a nice example in the UK... great restore!

17-12-13, 12:58
Welcome! I'm also new here, but the locals are nice, and the food is great! :lol: