View Full Version : STR 53: A Very Christmassy STR.

12-12-13, 02:36
STR 53: A Very Christmassy STR. (http://stalkingtheretro.wastedseconds.com/podcasts/str53cd.mp3)

Snow is falling, bells are ringing, and Christmas is just around the corner. In this special Christmas episode we talk about our favorite retro Christmas movies, TV shows, Cartoons, and such to make you nostalgic for your childhood.

Ian, William, and I discuss some of our fondest Christmas gaming memories, toys such as Scalextric slot cars, Total Control Racing, HO train sets and much much more!

So grab yourself a cup of eggnog or a spicy glass of mulled wine and lets get this party started! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.


20-12-13, 06:46
I Think STR needs a twitter. And maybe a facebook page?

23-12-13, 03:53
We do have a facebook page and people can tweet me @indieseoul. I really should promote the show more and update the facebook page more often. :) We also have a Google Plus page as well.