View Full Version : The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

02-12-13, 05:44
Probably like many of you, I have been playing the new Zelda game on the 3DS. I haven't finished it, but I really like it. Here are some of my impressions so far.

I enjoyed Spirit Tracks a lot, but Link Between Worlds may be the better Zelda DS game.

It is a nice sequel to the SNES game. I am playing it with the SNES game in my memory and my daughter is playing never having played the SNES version. So I think it works both ways. You see the parallels as you play it, but it is still a solid stand alone title. She is actually a lot further in the game than I am.

I often forget about using Link's flattening ability. It is always the last trick I think of when trying to accomplish something. That being said, it works well as a new ability. It isn't gimmicky and is restricted in use so as not to be overwhelming.

The 3D looks about the best that I have seen on the 3DS. I still don't play with the 3D on, but it is one of the few games on the 3DS that I could tolerate using the 3D mode.

Overall, I think the difficulty has been toned down a bit. Adults will still enjoy it, but it isn't terribly difficult (so far).

07-12-13, 02:35
I love the original and I am loving this one. I only have one dungeon before the final. Have found everything but two heart pieces which are probably mini game prizes. I hope we keep getting more top down Zelda's like this.