View Full Version : STR 52: A Lust Letter To Sega

24-11-13, 12:24

STR 52: A Lust Letter To Sega. (http://stalkingtheretro.wastedseconds.com/podcasts/str52.mp3)

In this episode we discuss our love of Sega. We talk fondly about our first nostalgic memories with the Genesis/Megadrive. William tells us about all of his recent retro gaming pickups. Vipp talks about Splatter House 2 on the Megadrive for the This game is F@#ked Up! segment and I read my love letter to Sega which turns dirty real quick. So grab a loved one or a nice beverage and enjoy the latest episode of Stalking The Retro.

25-11-13, 06:09
Started catching up on the podcasts a little - loved the Mule episode!

25-11-13, 08:24
Here's a nice copy of Splatterhouse for the PS3 that looks like someone "splatterhoused" all over.

http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a186/BfDelano/fdadae23.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/BfDelano/media/fdadae23.jpg.html)

I actually saw this, and took the photo myself. I didn't just find it in a Google search. Now that is F@#ked Up!

25-11-13, 09:51
The introduction to this episode is my favorite yet. Focus is a very funny guy. How hard is it to punch yourself in the balls? not very hard at all apparently. lol.