View Full Version : XBox Live Indie Games is Like a New Retro Console

21-11-13, 06:40
I've dabbled in the indie games from time to time, but lately took the time to look up reviews and really play A LOT of trials. The indie game scene on Xbox 360 has more titles than some retro consoles and many of the games are openly inspired by recognizable retro titles.

While there are a lot of turds in there, that is true with any console. At least with this one, you can try every game and most cost only $1 (max $5).

Its a bit of a time commitment, but I'd encourage everyone on this site to explore some of the top rated titles and appreciate the little niche that XBLIG carved out. Some particularly retro friendly titles to investigate would be Decimation X, Ghosts of Tarr-Minos, and the licensed titles Manic Miner 360 and Jet Set Willy 360. However, there are tons more in various genres - many have received positive mentions on this site.

Seems like the best site I've found for organizing info about XBLIG is xboxindies.com

Can anyone tell us what the XBLIG scene is like on XBone?

22-11-13, 06:06
There's an indie dev in the UK that I've been following the progress of and he recently launched his game on xblig called Powered Up (by psychotic psoftware) which i managed to get when it was on sale, but seems a pretty nice 2d horizontal shooter

Can anyone tell us what the XBLIG scene is like on XBone?

22-11-13, 10:37
I added the trial to my download queue - thanks for the recommendation. Its "Power Up" btw.

09-02-14, 04:40
No matter what game you like indie games will have a game for you. I have over 10 so far. :)