View Full Version : new old stock Amiga 1200 available again!

SID Kidd64
19-11-13, 11:50
Hey fellas,

Petro Tyschtschenko, former CEO of Commodore Amiga Germany, is selling new old stock 1200's again. This might be the last batch!

Here is the link, you don't need to be on facebook to order :)

I got mine in July this year (second batch) :)


19-11-13, 04:05
I would give my left testicle for one of these! i love the Amiga 1200 and although i have one, i don't have a white one... mine is all yellow and old.

21-11-13, 04:02
Not sure why he is telling us all to fuck off in that picture but I forgive him - I am in on one of those beauties!