View Full Version : Decimation X (Xbox Indie Title)

11-11-13, 11:18
You should play this.

I believe the game company is called Xonos. They made a Sequel (Decimation X3) and another game called "Score Rush."

Decimation X is my favorite - incredibly impressive revision of a classic (Space Invaders).

Also, its only $1

09-02-14, 04:57
Never played that one but likes space invaders games. Have you played Orbitron: Revolution i like the gameplay and music?

09-02-14, 06:38
Yeah - I got Orbitron because it was part of ArcadeCraft (which you should try). Orbitron's pretty good, but I find the background visuals kinda "busy." Overall, I've had more fun with Decimation X.