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31-10-13, 11:54
Hmm, should I do the joke about Halloween and putting the willies up you or not?

No, I won't. The show starts with a double entendre and it's all downhill from there.

Kickstarter Update - (00:00)
Expo Wrap Up - (03:00)
Rebecca Mayes - Wii Song - (65:50)
Hardware Flashback - (67:18)
Guinness Gaming Records - (98:27)
What A Horrible Night .... (Descendents Of Erdrick) - (101:41)
Howard Phillips Interview - (105:59)
The Great And Powerful Oz - (138:39)
Top Ten Game Memorabilia - (139:09)
Gaming Trivia - (254:46)
It Came From MAME - (255:13)
Live News And Listener Views - (271:14)
Yoshi's Story (Kazumi Totaka) - (369:28)
Focus On The Prize - (370:18)
URLs And EMails - (372:32)

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01-11-13, 07:47
Expo Wrap Up - (03:00)
Rebecca Mayes - Wii Song - (65:50)

an hour long expo wrap up, blimey

01-11-13, 10:39
an hour long expo wrap up, blimey

Well, there were two expos....

03-11-13, 08:26
"Hey videogame dudes! help a brother out!"

04-11-13, 03:48
Video game board games, on their own are totally cool to collect, just for the box art alone. I found Zaxxon at the local thrift shop for $3, and it looks great in my retro room. Though the game play is largely confusing, it looks cool as all get out.

Also, thanks for sharing so much about Portland. I am from Michigan, and they never have anything like this in the midwest!

But UK Mike, what's Quantum? Is it an incredibly obscure Atari arcade game, like I, Robot? And look at all those versions of Pac-Man that Americans certainly would have vandalized! Power should not have cost $800, that is ridiculous. I'm only 1/2 way through the top 10, so I'm looking forward to the rest!

04-11-13, 05:00
Also, thanks for sharing so much about Portland. I am from Michigan, and they never have anything like this in the midwest!

You mean apart fro the Midwest Gaming Classic of course!!


That is a huge show with lots of vids and pins. We interviewed the organisers a couple of years ago and I intend to make it there soon.

But UK Mike, what's Quantum?

It's an Atari vector that did quite poorly so lots of the cabs were repurposed or just given away so you don't see it very often.


04-11-13, 07:14
And I must add that Quantum is a beautiful game with wonderful gameplay if you follow the directions and give it a chance.

Chuck D. Head
07-11-13, 10:18
What I loved about Quantum was the ability to come back to the game later and select a higher level to try and progress, rather than playing back through the easy (relative) ones again. The game has a very unique feel to it; the track-ball action is very seat of the pants, but natural when you get into a groove. I think if you are any good at Crystal Castles, you will do good with this, even though the games seem very different, the action mechanic is the same especially if you play CC as recklessly as I do. I was very cool to see the row of beautiful color vectors there, including Black Widow.