View Full Version : Anyone playing GTA V online?

19-10-13, 11:03
Having beat the game, I'm now ready to give GTA online a shot. I can see a lot of potential in the online game if you have a good group of people to game with. So far I have been soloing it and while fun, I could use a few partners.
Anyone up for a little fun in San Andreas?

08-11-13, 08:22
I play GTA Online. It's fun to kill the other players, but I am finding the leveling up system as frustrating because you can't get the same items you can get on the story mode game. I've been playing a heavy rotation of the Activision Anthology for PS2, Devil May Cry (first one, non HD), NHL '12 and this.

It's fun to play, but I can't see myself dedicating all my gaming focus to this as i did the story mode.

09-11-13, 03:17
I've been avoiding the online to the game. I attempted to try it out just before the got everything fixed, and never got any farther than it wanting to load the first mandatory mission.

09-02-14, 04:59
I sold mine did not really care for it. I did like gta 4 online.

10-02-14, 02:41
I came & went(360 site) but dropped it lately in favor of playing the single player main storyline. It lost its appeal when someone randomly granted me 50 mil. I'm now down to a paltry 200K.

Online is a mixed bag. The PvP killing can get old, which seems to be due to lobby boredom.