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06-10-13, 12:07
STR 49: Greetings Star Fighter (http://stalkingtheretro.wastedseconds.com/podcasts/str49.mp3)

William talks to Doc from Rouge Synapse about The Last Star Fighter arcade cab that he built and his other many fascinating projects. We discuss the Famicom Everdrive N8, finishing Crystalis, gaming pickups, what we are playing now, retro news, Kick Starter projects and much much more in this exciting and action packed episode of Stalking The Retro!

You have been recruited to listen to Stalking The Retro. It's the only way to defeat Xur and the Kodan Armada. Do you have what it takes?

Check out William's video here after listening to the podcast:


Check out Rogue Synapse. (http://www.roguesynapse.com/)

08-10-13, 11:51
Some how I missed this post/STR episode! Will listen to it now.