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04-10-13, 10:00

The world of gaming still seems to be split in the middle with those who do Steam and those that don’t so if you haven’t noticed this Beta I shouldn’t worry about it, however it is seen to be important because for the first time it allows you to share your library of games with family members in your house. Of course what you really want to know is ‘Can I share my library of games with my mates?’ Well yes you can but it does have its pro’s and con’s. The biggest con is that Steam call this Family sharing and might not take too kindly to you and your friends sharing your accounts.


Here you can see a random account after the Beta had been shared between friends in different parts of the world. Under the red font you will notice the profile has (111) games and above it shows the number of playable games of the second user (your friend 128). Now this set up takes a lot of time and trust between you and said friend, first off you will need to use a remote access program like team viewer to log into each other’s accounts to authorise their PC in whatever location they are. And then you will need the code that Steam sends you via email to confirm that pc’s authorization. Now this can be done simply by changing your password and giving it to your friend then waiting on your end for the Steam ‘Code’ email and popping that code in Skype or steam-chat then what it’s all over you can change your password back. Whatever method you decide to use, I’m sure this unavoidable password swapping will test some users or maybe even prevent them from sharing at all.

So we know that you CAN’T earn collectable cards via your friend’s games however you CAN earn achievements which will be good news for some. If you play a game from your friends library and he/she decides to play the same game you will see your game vanish. (Does need more testing to clarify, I imagine it offers the user the opportunity to SAVE before allowing the game to shut down)
Some points of interest are around Cheating, if a steam user uses cheats or mod’s to gain advantages in steam games they are branded as cheaters on their accounts – the question is, if you cheat on your friends games will that leave a mark on you profile or theirs? Also if you attempt to buy add on packs for your friend’s games will they work or not? It is still in Beta so you can bet all of these questions and more will be answered but it’s nice to be in the loop.

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