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25-09-13, 06:06
Is there already a thread for future RGR interview requests?

I know RGR has a lot of interviews queued up, so for all I know you have recorded this already. But I would find an interview with Howard Phillips (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Phillips_(video_gaming)) to be fascinating. He was an early employee of Nintendo of America and helped test out a lot of their titles, as far back as the Radar Scope / Donkey Kong conversions. So he is quite possibly the first American to play Donkey Kong. In addition to being a spokesman and Game Master for the company, he also helped a lot with Nintendo Power and was the inspiration for the Howard and Nester comic. Thanks! :NES

25-09-13, 07:07
We got Howard at CGE! I don't think we aired him yet, lets ask UK to make sure! UK....

25-09-13, 09:52
We have him recorded at CGE 2012 but haven't aired it yet.

25-09-13, 03:45
I should never have doubted you for a second! I look forward to hearing it!

08-11-13, 04:16
We have him recorded at CGE 2012 but haven't aired it yet.

Thanks for playing Howard's interview!

I was disappointed to learn that Howard disagreed with some of the stories in Sheff's Game Over book. I really enjoyed that book, especially the back story on how they secured the rights for handheld Tetris just in time for the Gameboy release. He didn't mention what he disagreed with, but I'll take Howard's word on it that some of the stories were exaggerated. Not that I blame Sheff, it was probably more the sources he quoted and used.