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17-08-13, 11:49
As some of you are aware, the latest 3DS update added a new feature to allow 'street pass relay' which basically means that if you pass a Nintendo hotspot, your streetpass data is recorded and the next person to pass that same hotspot will receive your data. Good news if you have a Nintendo spot near you and don't get many street pass encounters.
But the news gets better! Some bored 3DS owners have been experimenting with the spotpass feature, for a while people have been able to create their own Nintendo hotspot by simply creating a wifi network with the SSID 'attwifi' and leaving it unprotected. Then once the recent update happened, people started to wonder how exactly the relay feature worked and would you know, they figured it out. Simply, your 3DS reports to Nintendo via a hotspot the regular streetpass data along with the MAC address of the hotspot. Thats right, you've guessed it! In order to spoof a spot pass relay hit, just spoof your MAC address to a one someone else has already used!

Here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AvvH5W4E2lIwdEFCUkxrM085ZGp0UkZlenp6SkJabl E&toomany=true - is a list of MAC addresses that people are currently using to exchange streetpass data, as well as some methods for spoofing your own spot pass network.

I'm currently using my mac mini, with my tethered phone to access my hime wifi.

One more thing, you don't even need to leave your connection unsecure. Set your SSID to 'attwifi' and set whatever security you want (wep/wpa) and add it as a connection on your 3DS. It's best however to somehow disable and other wifi settings that would cause your 3DS to connect to a different wifi other than attwifi, maybe move it to connection 1 perhaps?

Anyway, I've been using a script to cycle though a bunch of MAC addresses every couple of minutes and depending on the time of day, I can get up to 10 hits for the street pass games (puzzles, battle etc.) as well as Mariokart, Animal Crossing or anything else that has streetpass enabled.

17-08-13, 08:10
Very cool! I am gonna give this a go :)

20-10-13, 08:43
I've finally got round to freeing up a DD-WRT enabled router to do this, and it seems to work quite nicely, got 9 SP notifications within seconds! There was a nice looking script for DD-WRT posted on the GBATemp forum that cycled your MAC addresses at fixed intervals so you basically got unlimited SPs all the time with no manual interaction, but the script didn't seem to work quite right on my router. Has anyone else had any joy with that particular set up?

05-11-13, 11:27
As an update for those who have read it, looks like Ralink based chipsets don't support MAC change by script because the wireless interface has to be reset after each change, which can't be done using that particular script. I tend to just hang on 8 hours until the console downloads another bunch though, still works well.