View Full Version : Holy COW! Retro DUO - plays SNES/Mega Drive/NES only $50 USD right now

02-08-13, 08:43
So this looks like a pretty good deal. The system normally runs for $100 and it's on sale for $50 on groupon. Does not include RetroGen adapter to play MEga Drive/Genesis games. Does anyone have one of these?

http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-retroduo-portable-gaming-console-rb-rdp-0162?tsToken=US_AFF_0_200007_200128_0&utm_campaign=200007&utm_source=GPN&utm_medium=afl&sid=skim33330X911644X46a7247d9d574d4d70235b9711f09 9f5

Product overview below:

Retro-Bit RetroDuo Portable Handheld Gaming Console (RB-RDP-0162)

The RetroDuo Portable—a handheld gaming device compatible with most Nintendo and Super Nintendo titles—harks back to halcyon days when gamers dreamt in 16 bits. The dual capacity lithium-ion battery ensures up to eight hours of uninterrupted gameplay, which unfolds on a crisp 3.5” LCD display backed by booming speakers. Users may also play 16-bit Sega Genesis games with the RetroGen adapter (not included).

Product number: RB-RDP-0162
Handheld gaming device
Compatible with most 8-bit Nintendo and 16-bit Super Nintendo titles
3.5” LCD display
Up to eight hours of uninterrupted gameplay on a single charge
Reinforced cartridge door
Lightweight and portable design
Plays 16-bit Sega Genesis games with the RetroGen adapter (sold separately)
Core edition features upgraded LCD pixel quality, brighter LED battery indicator, improved D-pad and button layout, and louder speakers
Dimensions: 11” (W) x 8.25” (H) x 2.5” (D)
Weight: 1.9 lb.
In the box: RetroDuo Portable, RetroPort adapter, standard AV cable, dual capacity lithium-ion battery, A/C power adapter with a 100–240v input, user's manual

02-08-13, 09:21
Good find, be sure to share this on our FB page!

02-08-13, 09:53
I posted on your FB. Only 8 hours and 30 minutes until the deal is up.

02-08-13, 10:09
Apparently it's compatible with the Super Gameboy too....so that would be 4 systems on the go, lol.

04-08-13, 02:09
Yeah I saw this too. Was tempted but I think I'll pass. I have more than enough ways to play all the games as it is :)

04-08-13, 04:20
Lol yeah if this was 10 years ago when it was hard to own a portable that played multiple game systems I would have been all over it.